South Coast Journalism is a video highlights specialist media company based in the New Forest, Hampshire. We provide coverage to grassroots and amateur sports across the coast in an effort to help promote individuals, clubs and sports in our local area. 

Our most popular output is our video highlights that can be viewed on our YouTube channel or downloaded from our Online Store but we also produce other written, audio &video content including interviews and features.

We have established ourselves among the local media and newspapers, as well as our local communities, and enjoy an audience of well over 80,000 people with some of our videos reaching more than 100,000 views online. 

Our work also goes viral on a regular basis. In 2017, three goals from football matches that we caught on camera featured on major international news platforms. Our coverage of Land Rover BAR's exit of the 34th America's Cup also went viral as well as several pro-wrestling videos that we have either produced or filmed.

We are one of the leading supporters of women's sport in the national media and are recognised as being one of the top coverage providers of grassroots women's football. 

In fact, as far as we know, South Coast Journalism is the only media group to provide regular video coverage to amateur hockey, volleyball, sailing, cycling and pro-wrestling to a mainstream audience in the UK.

We are certainly the only company mad enough to do it for free.

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