Affiliate Associations

South Coast Journalism works with other associations to provide some of the best coverage for their local sports. 

Hampshire Football Association

South Coast Journalism works as one of the Hampshire FA's official media partners and often represents the association at their cup finals. In the previous two seasons, we have filmed the majority of their adult finals including coverage of the Saturday Senior Cup at St. Mary's. 

Hampshire and Dorset Amateur Rowing Association

South Coast Journalism's earliest existence dates back to the 2013 season with the Lymington Rowing Club YouTube channel. Since then, SCJ has provided coverage of the entire association and has become a regular fixture at HDARA summer events. 

Bournemouth Hayward Football League

South Coast Journalism has very strong ties with the BHFL and the Bournemouth FA. For the past three seasons, we have filmed their cup finals at Hurn Bridge and, in 2017/18, SCJ will film the entire Bournemouth Saturday Senior Cup. 


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