Mark I

South Coast Journalism was set up by Alex Barnes in October 2013 after he began creating video reports for Lymington Rowing Club - reports that received a huge amount of positive responses from the Hampshire and Dorset Association and even clubs beyond that. 

The first report to go up on the old SCJ was Walkford's match against Team Solent on October 5th 2013 and slowly rowing and sailing reports were incorporated throughout the rest of the year.

One of the first regular features were the weekly highlights of Solent Ladies FC in the 2013/14 campaign. This coverage ultimately started SCJ as a business and as one of the first providers of grassroots women's football coverage.

In January 2014, South Coast Journalism started accepting stories from local clubs or reporters. By May 2015, we became one of the first choice media organisations for many Wessex Football League teams and the Hampshire & Dorset Rowing Association. 

Throughout 2015, SCJ started to build into more of a business, expanding from it's original role as a university project, and began to work with Hampshire FA, Bournemouth Hayward Football League and Hampshire Volleyball Association. 

As we began to cover more events and matches, the audience figures began to rapidly rise and by mid-2016, SCJ was becoming a regular venue for sports fans in the New Forest. 

The tail end of 2016 and first three quarters of 2017 saw SCJ make huge progression as a media company. We strengthened relationships with all the local sports associations and produced better quality videos. SCJ also began to cover bigger events including the America's Cup in the summer of 2017. 

Mark II

In the September of 2017, South Coast Journalism was briefly closed and redeveloped into the mark II version. We focused primarily on the video highlights that we had become incredibly popular for and continued to operate in the New Forest.

Throughout a six month period, SCJ began to make key developments to both the desktop and mobile versions of the website, as well as the Online Store. This allowed us to provide greater analysis and keepsake products from our videographer and increase the budget of which we had to operate on. 

Mark III

In February 2018, the team made the decision to bring back the written and audio content that hadn't featured since the Mark I version of the website. The core editorial team focused on bringing back the more popular mark I design but modernised the website further and made it more user friendly. 

The latest posts and video highlights page returned to the home page to allow users to easily catch up on the latest news that we had published.  The decision to bring back the written side of the website placed more workload on the editorial side of the website but the way the site could be better and SCJ's primary operating hours had both been significantly altered to allow this reintroduction. 

It now enables South Coast Journalism to reach more clubs and provide greater coverage to local sport.

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