How SCJ chooses which events to attend

(And how you can book us to attend yours...)

A question that has been asked recently by a handful of clubs is why does South Coast Journalism film more often at the New Forest based clubs than anywhere else. Well, there are several reasons for this. 

South Coast Journalism itself is now based in Lymington, having moved from Walkford, Highcliffe, so we choose to visit the local clubs more often than those further afield. So why do we do this? 

There are five categories (Location & audience, loyalty, cost, we didn't see it and how to book us in) and hopefully this will clear up any confusion. 

1. Location & audience

Due to our location, South Coast Journalism has built up a large audience in the New Forest and an excellent relationship with many of our local clubs. 

Sometimes, we get more views for filming at Lymington FC than we do for Poole Town (despite the latters higher number of followers and supporters), for example, because the New Forest audience will watch, whereas we have a smaller reach in the Poole, Hamworthy, Salisbury or Portsmouth for example. 

For some clubs in the New Forest, we are their first choice for media coverage. Clubs further afield have a better relationship with, for example, the Dorset Echo. This means that our closest clubs will send us information first and get us booked in to an event, where we don't really register for those who are further away as often. 

Our neighboring clubs can also prioritise us when it comes to use of their facilities. This enables us to give them better coverage and publicity for their club and gives our team more reason to come back. Now, we are not suggesting for a moment that some clubs give us better hospitality than others. 

It's often said that you must look after your own. If a club on the outskirts of our main operating area (Portsmouth, for example) have their own media or videographers who turn up week in, week out, they can't just push them aside for SCJ who might only make it once every now and then. 

They will still look after us just as well but having the second or third choice for filming positions can hamper our highlights and get us less views. 

One of our local clubs went as far as building a filming platform for us to use and have priority on.

2. Loyalty

South Coast Journalism's team remain loyal to several clubs that have helped build us up and support us. Without, for example, Lymington Amateur Rowing Club, there would be no SCJ. 

If, therefore, we have a quiet weekend with nothing booked, we tend to go back to those clubs to give them some publicity. 

In the past other clubs, without any request from us, have put funding into SCJ or bought more footage than they needed in order to support us and thank us for a quality service. 

We also put the funding for a particular sport, association or club back into coverage of that sport. For example, funding for the HDARA in 2016, allowed us greatly improve our coverage of the 2017 season. Because of this, we then sold more footage in one season than we had in the last couple of years. 

That meant we were able to provide outstanding coverage of the 2017 South Coast Rowing Championships as well as make several large updates to the Online Store, including longer instant downloads for rowing races and more available HD footage. 

Better footage and quality makes it easier for the coaches to analyse their crews or makes a better memento of their winning moment. 

3. Cost

As with everything, it all comes down to money!

There is not a single club on the south coast and Wiltshire that SCJ would not consider filming at. The reason we don't travel to clubs outside the New Forest as often is down to cost. 

Primarily, South Coast Journalism still operates as a free videography and publicity service. The filming is free, the editing is free, the publication is free. However, we are still a business and have full-time and part-time employees. For each event that we film, we have to look after our budget. 

Each month, SCJ has a budget for events (thanks to our wonderful sponsors) that will be interesting to our audience and gain us additional viewers (a "big game", international event or feature) that might not necessarily cover our costs for filming it.

For example, we might film at a football match where we are likely to have a couple of thousand views but both sides have a club videographer, thus limiting how many videos we will sell to supporters, coaches, players or referees.

In some competitions, SCJ is banned from making any money at all due to sponsorship deals with bigger media groups. A good example of this was last year's America's Cup where we could show highlights, but had no rights to sell the footage. 

In order to keep our budget balanced, we will also attend games that will be financially better for us but will attract less views. These are normally fixtures where clubs are actively seeking analysis or don't have a club videographer. This means we sell more footage to players, coaches and the referees, allowing us to cover our costs with ease. 

Therefore, it is considerably more cost effective for the team to visit a local ground than it is to visit one that involves a couple of hours of driving as there are less travelling expenses. 

To get around this, South Coast Journalism simply asks a club to cover our travelling expenses (which are normally very reasonable).

However, we feel it is a little bit rude to phone a club up and ask if they want their game covered, before then sending them the travel expenses invoice!

So, at the moment, we have to balance the costly events with those that will pay for themselves. 

4. We didn't see it!

Yes really! The core South Coast Journalism team amounts to 11 people, two of which are solely commentators. This means if you were to average out how many clubs each of us has to keep an eye on, it amounts to several hundred each. 

For those who may not realise, SCJ already covers international sailing (yachts & dinghies), international and national professional wrestling, the National Volleyball League, national cycling events, Wessex League football, Southern League football, Hampshire County women's football, Southern Region women's football, Bournemouth Hayward Football Leagues, Hampshire FA regional competitions, Hampshire Hockey Leagues, Hampshire and Dorset Rowing Association, Regional cycling competitions ... you get the point. 

There is simply too much sport going on for us to make note of it all. Therefore, clubs that slap an email in front of our administrators eyes ( have a far better chance of booking us into an event than just hoping we'll see it on their twitter account. 

5. How to book us in

This one is fairly simple! Get in touch. 

If you want us to cover an event, send us an email (, speak to our team at an event or message us on Twitter or Facebook. 

If we aren't already booked, we'll get you put in the diary and work out the travelling expenses (assuming there are any).

"There is not a single club on the south coast and Wiltshire that SCJ would not consider filming at."

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