work experience

South Coast Journalism is offering a wide range of opportunities for students and freelance Journalists to gain experience or have their work published.

From written match reports, to commentary to full video highlights, we will give work experience applicants the chance to have their byline alongside their work without charge, allowing them to show potential future employers what they are capable of. 

Our work experience is also flexible to suit you as we understand that it is often difficult trying to get time off work on a regular basis, or to find time between exams if you are a student.  

Written Match Reports, Interviews and Features 

We will publish match reports of any sport for the Hampshire and Dorset area if we feel the standard is of a good enough quality. There is no maximum word limit, giving you the opportunity to really show your creative flair and to give the really entertaining matches the coverage they deserve. Interviews and special features are also welcome. 

Video Highlights

Video Highlights are our specialty at South Coast Journalism and there a number of different opportunities available in this category. We will accept complete video highlights packages, with the edit and commentary finished, if they are close to our style of reporting. We will also accept unedited match footage with the credit still going to the camera operator or edited highlights that still need commentary before they are ready to be published. 


Another opportunity we have recently introduced allows commentators or students the chance to record a voice track to accompany highlights filmed by one of our camera operators. The commentator would be given a time for when they would expect to receive a script, and a deadline for it to be sent back to our editors. Expensive equipment isn't necessary as now many phones offer a high quality voice recording app. Cameras can also be used to record voice tracks. 


Work Experience is available for photographers. However, these opportunities normally require the photographer to be at the same event as our film crews or written match reporters. We will then publish the photo's in a gallery alongside the reports, with the credit going to the photographer. 

How to apply

To apply for some work experience, please send an email including contact details, some information about yourself and what it is that you would like to do, to 

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