Chloe-Ann Anderson is one of the rising stars of refereeing in the local area.

She is currently a level 5 referee, which allows her to go on the line for Wessex League Premier Division games, and has officiated several cup finals at the end of last season.

She is also at the forefront of women’s refereeing in the area and is amongst a group of female officials who are helping to rapidly improve the perception of it through their performances on the pitch.

In a feature video, Chloe-Ann talks to South Coast Journalism about what interested her in becoming a referee, her best and worst experiences and how far she wants to take it.

Chloe-Ann also discusses the subject of abuse for referee’s in football and whether there is much in the way of sexism towards her whilst officiating men’s matches.

As well as being a referee, Chloe-Ann plays for New Milton Town Ladies FC as a defender as well as cricket for Bashley in the summer. 

4th August 2017 - Talia Jones; Alex Barnes