Sunday afternoon at the County Ground saw Lytchett and Upton Red Triangle FC and Dexter Sports meet in the Becky Heeks Cup. 

A large crowd turned out in support of the Heeks family. Mum Becky, 33, has sadly been diagnosed with terminal cancer and the money raised was being donated towards allowing the family to enjoy their remaining time with her and support their finances.

To donate, please visit the Lytchett and Upton website ( or message them on Facebook

Highlights of the match are available in the posted video. A copy of the full match video is available for free but you will still need to place an order in our Online Store (click here for the direct link).

Dexter Sports would field two sides throughout the match. Their 2005 squad would take to the pitch for the first 20 and last 15 minutes whilst the current managers and coaches played for the other portions of the games. 

Lytchett and Upton would play the full game and quickly fell behind as the class of 2005 scored an unexpected goal from the right hand side. 

However, they soon gathered momentum against Dexter's coaches. They cantered into a 6-1 lead despite the efforts of goalkeeper Craig Rochford. 

At that point, the class of 2005 came back onto the pitch and soon started cutting down the lead. They would get it all the way to 6-5 but chances for children Samuel and Ethan were saved by Andy Fletcher, who received a few pantomime-villain style boos for his efforts.

4th July 2017 - Alex Barnes; Holly Ankers