On Saturday, the first of July 2017 a rowing regatta took place near Northam Bridge in Southampton. 

Highlights of the days racing are available in the posted video. 

Extended race footage of every race is available in the rowing section of our Online Store (click here for the direct link). 

The regatta started at around 9am on the Saturday, and finished at about 7pm. The day started off looking quite dim and gloomy, drizzling a bit with rain, clouds covering the sky and a cold breeze finishing off the not so great weather. 

At around midday, however, it cleared up and the day ended up being warm and sunny, the perfect start to a summer month. 

The course the rowers were racing on was along the river, and was a pretty straight forward route. 

The rowers would row up to the buoys, go around the respective one for their lane, and come back to the bridge- where the start and finish line was. 

At the regatta there were the scull, or single, races, the pair races, and the 4x races. The clubs at the event included Lymington, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole, BTC, Newport, Ryde, Shanklin, Itchen, and the home club Coalporters. 

The day of racing started of with the sculls races. These included Women’s Junior and Seniors races and the Men's Junior and Senior races. 

Next up were the pair races, with Junior, Novice and Senior races for both the Men's and Women's groups. The last type of races before the finals were the 4x races, with the Junior, Senior and Novice races for both the Men and Women’s groups.

When the final races for each category started, the sun was shining down on all of the spectators and the rowers. It was around mid-afternoon when the first final commenced, with Daisy Faithful from Shanklin winning the Ladies Junior Sculls Championship with an unassailable 6-0 lead. 

Dale Bucket of Ryde won the Men’s Junior Sculls at the regatta. Next up were the Women’s Senior Sculls final, with Sophie Oatley from Newport winning the race despite competing in the higher category, after coming third in the Junior Scull final. 

For the Men’s Senior Scull, Itchen’s James Foad, an Olympian who competed in the 2012 London Olympics and won a bronze medal, took the win over BTC's Adam Ratcliffe. 

With the Scull races finished for the day, the Pair final races commenced. The Women’s Junior Pair final finished with Daisy Faithful and her sister Emily from Shanklin winning the race together. Daisy ended up winning both the Junior pair and scull race that day. 

The winners of the Men’s Junior Pair were Itchen’s Cracknell and Starkey. Coalporter’s own Cruse and Walczak won the Women’s Senior Pair final at the regatta. The Men’s Senior Pair final winners were Mark Wardell and Luke Williams from Itchen. 

Finally another category was completed, and the only races left were the Fours. To kick things off the Women's Masters Fours final winners were BTC, with the Men’s Masters Fours being Poole. Next up were the Novice Fours, with the Men’s winner being Newport and Women’s winner being Bournemouth of the Finals. 

Nearing the end of the day, the Junior Fours were up next. The Men’s Junior Fours final winner was Itchen, and Women’s Junior Fours final winner was Ryde. For one category there was not a women's race, so the winner from the Men’s Senior-Junior Fours final race was Christchurch. 

Finally, the last two races of the day came around at last, after a long, tiring and hot day for the racers. The women’s senior fours final winners were the Coalporters themselves at their own club, meaning they have won the championship with an unassailable lead of 7-0. 

The last final race was different to the rest of the races that day. The men senior fours had to do the course twice, meaning they went around buoys underneath Northam Bridge, where all of the spectators were, as well as the normal buoys. 

The Coalporters cox got as close to the middle turn underneath the bridge of the spectators at the regatta, eventually following Itchen who won the final for the Men Senior Fours. 

3rd July 2017 - Talia Jones, Holly Ankers, Alex Barnes