In October this year a team from Lymington Rowing Club will be attempting Total Thames 2017, a 185 mile charity challenge to row the length of the River Thames. 

The aim will be to break the current double scull world record of 36 hours which has stood for over 10 years.

The challenge in numbers:

2 men

1 boat

36 hours of non-stop rowing

30,000 calories

9 counties

45 Lochs

214 bridges

The current world record has stood unbeaten for over 10 years and the team from Lymington will be looking to maximise their technical, practical and physical experience of rowing in challenging coastal conditions in order to set a new world record.    

Dave Mans and Rob Malby are the athletes that will crew the boat and have over 30 years of coastal rowing experience between them. Both are serving in the Army and have a number of other rowing challenges to their names including the successful 500 mile ‘Old Pultney’ row to the magnetic North Pole.

Lymington Rowing Club has drawn together an exceptional support team of 6 people to assist Rob and Dave that includes experts in yacht racing, rowing boat construction and an RAF Doctor. The athletes will use a specially developed boat that maximises speed in the calmer upper Thames but will also be seaworthy enough to cope with rougher water in the Thames Estuary.   

The team will be raising funds for two fantastic causes: Combat Stress, the veterans mental health charity and Lymington Rowing club, a Hampshire based community sports organisation. 

If you would like to lend your support please visit the just giving page which is linked below. The Total Thames team are also looking to take on a number of corporate sponsors for the event, please do get in touch if you think your company or business would like to be part of the challenge.

11th August 2017