Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was part of an event hosted by Elliot Brown watches which both promoted the watches but also encouraged participation by the invitees to try their hand at sailing and racing Clippers.

The posted video focuses on the event including the training and tactical racing in light winds. 

Three experienced skippers were in charge of the Clippers that were used on the day – Unicef, Great Britain and Sanya – with Sir Knox-Johnston being part of the crew for the aptly named Great Britain. 

All the crews were given safety briefings to ensure they were capable of manning the vessels during the event as safety was a key issue to ensuring the day ran smoothly.

Each crew was then provided with a short training period on the water before the races got underway.

However, the skippers patience would be tested during the day, not by the inexperienced crews, but due to the wind deciding that it would not make much of an appearance. 

Whilst this may not have been the most exciting racing that the world has seen, it did give the chance to marvel at the watches. 

Their endurance having been tested fully during the 2015 Clipper World Race when a watch was strapped to the mast of one the vessels and travelled the 41,000 miles that the race demanded as well as spending 11 months at sea, returning to land having still maintained it’s time keeping abilities. A watch well worth investing in if you are keen extreme sport person.

Elliot Brown are the Official Time Keepers of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and they unveiled their new Broadstone Adventurer collection on the day.

7th July 2017 - Alex Barnes; Rachel Richardson, Talia Jones